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Workmen complete the final details on the relocation of the Abbotsford Bank of B.C.’s night deposit box. Bank officials had the box moved the week of January 22, following a recent armed robbery at the deposit box’s old site on the far end of the building’s east side. The new location offered better visibility from passing Essendene Avenue traffic and was under a streetlight. The Abbotsford Bank of B.C. was the scene of one in a series of recent armed robberies in the Abbotsford area, when the employee of a local business was held up at gunpoint while making a night deposit. Wayne Shantz, Administration manager of the Bank of B.C. stated the new location was much more visible from passing traffic on Essendene and was lit by a nearby streetlight as well as the bank’s own lights. Despite the event, several other local bank managers told The News they felt they did not have a similar problem with night deposit locations, as most were visible from a main street. Chuck Corbin, the manager of the Bank of Montreal, stated, “If the box is well lit and can clearly be seen from a major traffic route, I don’t know what else a bank can do.” However, bank officials did offer some advice for businesses people making night deposits: exercise caution and be aware of people or vehicles loitering around the bank at late hours, try to vary the pattern of deposit times, personnel and manner of carrying the money. Royal Bank manager, Jock Peddy, suggested that businesses which received substantial amounts of cash during the day should make several deposits at different times during business hours as well as at closing time. Image not published.